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Curve 9320 - £80

Curve 9320
Curve 9320
Curve 9320

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Date Announced09/05/2012
Operating SystemBlackBerry OS
Storage Capacity0.512 GB
Camera3.2 MP
Screen Size2.4"
External StorageExternal Storage
Performance Rating17
Battery Life7 Hours
Processor TypeSingle Core
Ram0.5 GB

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Why this smartphone is built for you


The BlackBerry Curve 9320

The Curve 9320 takes over from the Curve 8520 as BlackBerry's entry level smartphone. It runs BlackBerry OS 7 and is geared around social networking and messaging.


This phone has a physical QWERTY keyboard sat beneath a 2.4 inch screen that displays in 164PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The average PPI for a modern smartphone is 255.


The Curve 9320 has a 3.2MP camera, and can record video in up to 640VGA. It does not have a front facing camera.


Performance is provided by a 0.8GHz single core processor and 0.5GB RAM. Based upon its processor speed and memory, this phone receives an unmudlr performance rating of 17 out of 100.

Battery Life

The Curve 9320 has an estimated battery life of around 7 hours. The average smartphone battery life is around 10 hours. It has a battery capacity of 1450mAh (MilliAmp hours). The average battery capacity is 1950mAh.


1GB (Gigabyte) is equal to roughly 500 pictures or 250 songs. The Curve 9320 comes with 0.512GB internal storage and an expandable memory card slot which makes it possible for you to add a further 32GB external storage.


The Curve 9320 has Bluetooth which enables it to communicate with other Bluetooth devices (such as a Bluetooth handsfree kit) and it has Wi-Fi which means that it can connect to your home network or public Wi-Fi hotspots such as those available in many coffee shops, cafes or hotels.


The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has an FM radio and an MP3 player. It is able to integrate with social media via designated Facebook and Twitter apps and comes preloaded with BBM, BlackBerry Maps and Documents To Go. Other apps, such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Spotify and LinkedIn are available to download from BlackBerry World along with all of the latest music, films, TV shows and games. The 9320 has voice activated searching provided by Microsoft's Bing search engine and its parental controls feature offers parents the means to safeguard their children, making it well suited as a phone for the younger generation.


The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is established, practical and functional. If you are looking to use your smartphone principally as a communication device, then it will cater for everything that you need.