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E1230 - £15


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Date Announced01/08/2011
Operating SystemDevice Specific OS
Big ButtonBig Button
Screen Size1.8"
Performance Rating2
Battery Life8 Hours

Available Colours

Why this smartphone is built for you


The Samsung E1230

The Samsung E1230 is essentially the same as the Samsung E1200, but has a slightly bigger screen and an FM radio. It is a back to basics device designed first and foremost to make calls and send texts.


This phone has a 1.8 inch screen that displays in 114PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The average PPI for a modern smartphone is 255.


This phone does not have a camera.


Based upon its processor speed and memory, this phone receives an unmudlr performance rating of 2 out of 100.

Battery Life

The E1230 has an estimated battery life of around 8 hours. The average smartphone battery life is around 10 hours. It has a battery capacity of 800mAh (MilliAmp hours). The average battery capacity is 1950mAh. The battery on this phone is removable.


The Samsung E1230 is small, durable and will last for up to 10 days between charges (or 8 hours of continuous use).


At around £15 and with its anti-dust keypad, the E1230 would make a very good 'second' phone for festivals, nights out or younger family members. It does not, however, have an MP3 player, a feature regularly available on many of its competitors. The E1230 would suit anyone looking for an uncomplicated mobile phone that is simple to set up and economically priced.